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tenacious transitional homes

Our Mission

Tenacious believes in fostering a sense of community and support. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you on your journey toward stability. We are unwavering in our commitment to empowering individuals during life transitions and helping them build a foundation for lasting success! We prioritize inclusivity, welcoming diverse recovery approaches, including Outpatient treatment, 12-step, NA and AA programs.

With a dedicated team, we adopt a motivational approach, empowering guests to drive their own journey. Our mission extends to facilitating confident transitions back into society. Valuing the inherent worth of everyone. We aim to cultivate self-worth and purpose. Through our supportive community, individuals reclaim their lives, fostering courage for a brighter future. Apply now and join our welcoming community

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from other sober living homes is our unwavering commitment to personalized care and support. We don’t just provide a place to stay; we offer a community where individuals are empowered to thrive in their recovery journey. Our dedication to fostering a supportive environment, tailored to individual needs, sets us apart as a beacon of hope and transformation.


All Utilities Included

No Hidden Cost

Free Onsite Laundry

Convenient laundry facilities to make life a little easier

Toiletries & Linen Provided

Essential toiletries to ease your transition

Community Food Pantry

Access to a community food pantry for additional support

WiFi Internet and Cable TV

Stay connected and entertained with high speed internet and cable television


House computer to help with job searches

About Us

At Tenacious Transitional Homes, we are more than a housing solution; we are a partner in your journey toward a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can navigate the challenges of transition, celebrate milestones, and build a foundation for lasting success.


What is Tenacious?

Tenacious refers to someone or something that is persistent, determined, and unwilling to give up easily, even in the face of challenges or obstacles. It often describes someone who holds onto something firmly or who pursues goals with great resolve.

What exactly is a sober living home?

A sober living home is a residential facility designed to provide a supportive environment for individuals recovering from addiction. Unlike formal treatment centers, sober living homes offer a more independent living arrangement while still providing structure and support.

Residents are usually required to adhere to certain rules, such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol, participating in house meetings, and contributing to household chores. These homes serve as a transitional step between intensive treatment programs and independent living, offering residents the opportunity to practice sober living skills in a supportive community.

What sets sober living homes apart from other types of recovery residences?

Unlike inpatient facilities, sober living homes prioritize fostering a supportive community and providing a structured environment to aid individuals in transitioning back into society after completing formal treatment.

Typically, they impose fewer restrictions, allowing residents more autonomy in their recovery journey.

Who stands to gain from residing in a sober home?

These homes offer invaluable support to individuals who’ve completed formal addiction treatment and seek ongoing assistance in a substance-free setting.

Especially beneficial for those transitioning from structured environments to independent living, sober homes provide essential support during this critical phase of recovery.

What rules and guidelines govern guests in a sober living home?

While specifics may differ, common expectations typically involve abstaining from substances, attending house meetings, respecting a designated curfew, and sharing in household responsibilities. Each home may have its unique set of guidelines tailored to its residents’ needs.

Do sober living homes offer a specific program or structure for guests?

While they provide a structured environment that may involve house meetings, group activities, and guest support, they generally do not adhere to a formal treatment program akin to inpatient facilities.